Fraud Prevention Month


2021-03-01 10:52 PST

March is Fraud Prevention Month.

This year the focus will be on the digital economy of scams and fraud.

As a result of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the theme this year serves to raise awareness about scams and fraud that may have increased due to people relying on the internet to connect while at home.

Photo of a computer keyboard.

Between last March, and January 2021 there were over 11,500 reports of COVID-9 related fraud in Canada, and over 7 million dollars lost. Close to 10,000 people have been victimized just in relation to the pandemic alone.

Fraudsters and scam artists use incredibly sophisticated methods to prey on individuals when they are their most vulnerable. With so much still unknown and a sense of fear surrounding the pandemic it has become easy for people to take advantage of those insecurities.

As new technologies are adopted by the public, so too are they adopted by criminals, said Supt Brent Taylor, Acting Officer in Charge of Federal Policing in BC. "Despite their advances in sophistication, their tactics often remain the same and can be defeated through vigilance and education."

The best way to protect ourselves in light of ever emerging new scams is to arm ourselves with the most information available.

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