BC RCMP Provincial Priorities

The BC RCMP serves British Columbia residents through three levels of connected policing – federal, provincial and municipal.

Provincial policing includes services to rural and unincorporated communities, and those with a population below 5,000. Provincial policing also includes:

National RCMP Priorities

The National RCMP priorities include issues such as National Security, and are set in consultation with the federal government.

BC RCMP Provincial Priorities 2018-2020

Under the Ministry of Justice, Police Service Agreements create the framework in which objectives, priorities and goals for policing services are determined. The BC RCMP reports back on its achievements on a quarterly basis.

The 2018-2020 BC RCMP Policing Priorities are:

Enhanced Public Safety

Keeping British Columbians safe, increasing their overall sense of security, and reducing crime are at the forefront and one of the fundamental responsibilities of BC RCMP’s operations.

In response to the changing political and social landscape, and the need to address both persistent and emerging issues faced by British Columbians, four issues emerge as priorities:

Accountability and Good Governance

The BC RCMP will manage and administer its financial and human resources in an efficient and effective manner that supports the public’s need for transparency and accountability, demonstrates good use of BC tax payer funding, and ensures transparency to our partners and the communities we serve.

Areas of focus:

Organizational Excellence

The BC RCMP strives to build and promote a culture of organizational excellence. Recognizing the importance of adequately staffing our organization with skilled and engaged employees, we make every effort to maintain a health and respectful workplace, and to provide employees with the tools and resources they need to fulfill their potential to provide the best possible services to the public.

Areas of focus: 

Guiding Principles

Five guiding principles underlie and inform this Strategic Plan and the work that our employees undertake, every day, as we serve our communities in BC.

  1. Adapt to Emerging Trends

    Plan and prepare for new and emerging issues, as well as legislation that may impact the way our services are delivered in the future.

  2. Engage Our Communities

    More accountable policing and the promotion of safer communities - to engage, listen, and be responsive to all communities, and offer opportunities for people to connect with us.

  3. Equity, Diversity + Inclusion

    Support and foster a healthy and respectful work environment, and ensure our programs and services are responsive to the needs of the communities we serve. Recognize and work towards minimizing systemic barriers that affect those within our organization, and those we serve.

  4. Innovation + Transformative Change

    Innovate and adapt to lead transformative change to improve services, streamline and enhance internal processes and resources, with greater cost effectiveness.

  5. Leverage Partnerships + Collaboration

    Continue to contribute and work closely with our federal, provincial, and municipal partners, local community organizations, service providers, and other stakeholders, to provide effective and efficient services.

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