December is CounterAttack month


2020-12-05 09:33 PST

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December is CounterAttack Month – Police are targeting impaired drivers.

During the month of December, Richmond RCMP and other police forces across the country will be stepping-up enforcement of impaired driving laws during the annual CounterAttack campaign.

The Covid-19 pandemic will have a definite impact on festivities this holiday season. Most special events are being down-sized, or cancelled altogether, but if you are still planning to celebrate, be sure to plan ahead for a safe ride home.

Impaired driving, whether it be by alcohol or drugs, is completely preventable, yet it continues to have a devastating impact on our communities. On average, 67 people die in BC each year in crashes involving impaired drivers. In the Lower Mainland alone, there are some 1,500 impaired driving related crashes each year, killing 17 people and injuring another 830.

The statistics send a clear message.
When you drive while impaired, you risk your own life and the lives of others.

Inspector Michael Cohee of the Richmond RCMP says, The effects of impaired driving are far reaching. Whether it be attending the scene of an accident or having to tell a family member that their loved one won’t be coming home, police officers see first-hand the devastation caused by those who choose to drive while impaired.


[Richmond RCMP, CounterAttack campaign.]

[Inspector Michael Cohee, Officer In Charge of Operations Support at Richmond RCMP, sitting at a desk with flags behind him.]

Unfortunately, our officers see first hand the devastation that impaired driving can cause.Whether it’s attending the scene of a collision or having to deal with the aftermath of advising a family member that their loved one will not be returning home,the effects can be very far reaching.

[Police officer and Victim Services worker knocking on the door. Police officer and Victim Services worker comforting next of kin.]

While COVID-19 continues to impact our daily lives and celebrations...Richmond RCMP will continue to target those who choose to drive while impaired.

[Police roadblock with flashing lights]

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The CounterAttack campaign runs for the entire month of December. Motorists can expect to encounter Richmond RCMP at roadblocks throughout the holiday season.

Richmond RCMP will be out there enforcing impaired driving laws, and getting impaired drivers off the road, says Cohee.


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